The Lowdown:

You’ve reached a goal but that doesn’t mean the bar can’t be set higher right? Or maybe it’s time for new heights altogether. I employ a no-nonsense approach that to help you set intentions, clarify goals, and celebrate wins.

With rigour and grace I do whatever it takes to help you get where you want to go - enabling you to discover the ways to be, and work, at your best.

With a colourful career in the creative industries, I’ve designed fashion brands, created a music agency, launched London’s first lifestyle and technology incubator, and led the innovation team at the world’s largest arts university, I’m a partner at Social Fabric - a design practice helping make work more human.

Working Together:

We’ll design a cadence for conversations and a rhythm of work that sees tangible results in 90 days. I’ll ask you precisely what you don’t see, so the unseen comes glaring into focus.

I work directly with founders to help them scale and grow their ventures (Mastered, Plexus, Vestd, Kent, Akou, Joto, Klydo, Work Not Working, Go Jauntly, and LiveBeyond). And I support the shapers of the new world of work to lead with courage and step up their game.

For Founders:

l light up by helping others start up. My speciality is working together with and elevating creative entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking to attract your first 1000 customers, secure investment, get unstuck, or simply have a mirror held up and be challenged - you set the stage, I‘ll bring the fire.

For Shapers:

If you’re thinking of a career change, I’ll help shine the light so you can learn to reinvent yourself with ease. And we’ll craft your work so it fuels you in every aspect of your life.

Clients have:

  • Found meaningful work

  • Secured £ millions in funding

  • Grown with grace

  • Been acquired

  • Won on BBC Dragons’ Den

  • Been accepted to Y Combinator

  • Entered new markets and categories

  • Helped transform a developing nation


The Promise:


Jonas brings courage, candour, and care to every conversation. He’ll guide you to:

  • Heighten your self-awareness, self-leadership, and self-efficacy

  • Build new and better habits that stick so you can transform the way you work

  • Nurture a growth mindset and quash those limiting beliefs for good

  • Challenge your assumptions

  • Discover a renewed inner drive so you stretch yourself in all the right ways

  • Spark your ideas and act upon new possibilities

  • Boost your focus, productivity, and creativity 

  • Get very comfortable with uncertainty