Jonas helps teams do their best work. He believes a new model of organising is replacing a very tired one and that the way we work is becoming more fluid and fulfilling. 

With 20 years experience as an innovation strategist, Jonas helps senior teams transform how they do business. He is a Partner at award-winning firm Social Fabric where he leads on the design of new ventures.  

Jonas has worked with Google, Sony Music, The Guardian, and The BBC. He's launched a music agency for Comic Relief, co-developed multiple brands for Topshop, and created London's first lifestyle and technology incubator.

He's an Adjunct Professor in entrepreneurship and innovation, speaker at Hyper Island, and advises businesses around the world on better ways of working.



"Every talk by Jonas has been a great success because of his unrivalled content, fantastic curation, and excellent hosting. He is always just bang on trend."

- Soho House & Co.

"Jonas has a really great style and approach to his talks. He has a general ease and is very engaging and open which is absolutely lovely."

- The Guardian News & Media

"The moment we left Jonas's session was the most organic and highest expression of cross-pollination I've seen. He encouraged us to really up our game."

- Second Home


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