The Future of Meaningful Work 

The future of work is here. It is bleak and it is bright. Conventional jobs and the security they bring are fading away while new principles for organising ourselves emerge. The focus is now on fluidity; the ability to move with dexterity amidst constant change. Meanwhile, finding meaning in the work we do has fast become a global imperative. This keynote explores the changing nature of work and its reinvention in real-time.

  • Keynote :: 20 or 45 minutes w/ Q&A

  • Select clients & conferences :: Soho House (UK), 9punto5 (Chile), TO DO Talks (Canada), Second Home (Portugal), Roam (Bali)

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The Best Places to Work

Understanding the tension between playing it safe and constantly experimenting is essential for businesses that want to operate at the frontier. This talk explores the principles and practices that help better the ways individuals and teams work. The best places to work continuously nourish their people and cultivate rich rhythms to get things done. This keynote unravels the changing nature of work culture.

  • Keynote :: 20 or 45 minutes w/ Q&A

  • Select clients & conferences :: Globant (Argentina), Royal College of Art (UK), Google Campus (UK), WeWork (Canada)

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Fuelling Creativity & Innovation 

Companies shimmy and shuffle to attract the best talent with the aim of advancing their creativity and innovation agendas. But the pioneers have realised that some of their best contributions come from outside of the organisation. How do you design a resilient system of work that caters to employees, talent networks, partners, and even customers? This Masterclass helps answer this question by understanding how to work like a network, optimise for productivity, and adopt mental models for an emergent era.

  • Masterclass :: 1/2 day or 1 day

  • Select clients & conferences :: Hyper Island (Global), The Guardian (UK), Cossette (Canada), 100% Open(UK), El Comercio (Peru)

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The Art and Science of Getting Shit Done

An invigorating masterclass exploring creative productivity, rhythms of work, and flourishing in the attention-hovering world we live in today. You'll learn  about the rituals of the most prolific creators, the benefits of boredom, and how to bend time. You'll be able to put theory into practice straight away and do your work, better.

  • Masterclass :: 1 hour or 1/2 day

  • Select clients & conferences :: The Ned (UK), WeWork (Colombia), Arts in a Digital World (Canada), Roam (USA)

Key Takeaways:

  • Hear about the latest innovations in work, and possibilities for the future

  • Gain actionable tips on ways to improve work individually and institutinonally

  • Learn from what works (and what doesn't) across industries and disciplines