The Future of Meaningful Work

The ability to search for and discover meaning in work has never been more feasible. Yet we still have sky-high employee disengagement – with most of the professional world unhappy in the work they do.

The future of work will be less about technology and more about the meaning we will find within it. New principles for organising ourselves are swiftly taking hold. And the new focus is on fluidity; the ability to move quickly and with dexterity amidst constant change.

We unpack and explore the changing nature of work and its reinvention in real-time.


The Best Place to Work

The machine-age mentality of organising continues to frustrate many by stifling creativity and innovation. Courages leaders have learned to cultivate a culture that doesn’t diminish but nourishes their people. 

Understanding the tension between playing it safe and experimenting is essential for businesses that want to operate at the frontier. The best places to work are not so much physical spaces as they are states of mind.

We uncover vibrant work cultures and explore the principles and practices that help better the ways individuals and teams work. 


Working Like a Network

Companies shimmy and shuffle to attract the best talent with the aim of advancing their creativity and innovation agendas. But the pioneers have realised that some of their best contributions come from outside of the organisation.

How do you design a resilient system of work that caters to employees, talent networks, partners, and even customers? By understanding how to engage, align, and support high performing fluid-teams. That’s how.

We explore how to design a system of work that is fit for the emergent era- one that supercharges creativity while optimising for productivity.


Rituals & Rhythms of Work

Learn how to sustain your focus and flourish in the attention-hovering world we live in today. Hear about the rituals of the most prolific creators, the benefits of boredom, structured procrastination, and how to best manage your energy (not your time).

Get easy hacks for setting achievable yet ambitious goals and optimising for creativity. Learn to mitigate those distractions so you can make more meaningful progress at work.

Put theory into practice straight away and get on with your work, only better.


21st Century Leadership

With the rise of knowledge work, a new model of management has taking hold. Here, every employee gets an opportunity to make certain decisions regarding their work and the organisation as a whole. Because power is dispersed, everyone is accountable for both revenue and culture.

The new modes of leadership are premised first and foremost on trust—and are more of an art than a “science.” It’s an emergent strategy fit for the networked world we live in today.

We explore these 5 emergent styles of leadership: The Teacher, The Learner, The Mobiliser, The Giver, and The Coach.

Delivery Modes:

  • Keynote :: 1 hour

  • Masterclass :: 1 day

  • Workshop :: 2-3 days

  • Retreat :: 3-5 days


The Promise:

  • Hear about the latest innovations in work, and explore the possibilities for the future

  • Learn how best to experiment with and shape a new - and better- system of work for you and your teams

  • Gain actionable tips on ways to maintain focus, fuel creativity, boost productivity and collaboration

  • Come away inspired, elevated and ready to experiment with making work a deliberate practice that nourishes you