Designing your Future

Coming up at ROAM London on December 19th, 2017. 630pm-830pm
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31 Draycott Avenue
London SW3 3BS


Join me for a gathering where we e will explore the future of work including designing nourishing innovation spaces and creating lasting work rhythms and rituals. You will gain insights that you can apply directly to help you do your best work.

In our new world of work it’s not where you are that matters but what you do. The modern worker is increasingly finding autonomy and the freedom to express themselves through their work. The ability to remain fluid and constantly reinvent yourself is absolutely essential. You will learn about the major forces that are transforming the way we work so you can strategically position yourself to thrive in 2018.


  • Gain an appreciation and understanding for how the world of work is changing and what you can do about it
  • Learn from leading case studies on how individuals, teams and organisations do their best work
  • Come away with practical insights and actions that can be applied to your daily work life and career